Meet the Doctor

Dr. Susan Vineta, Doctor of Chiropractic, holistic wellness entrepreneur, is serving her community and practice members in Florida, Colorado, and Virginia. Dr. Susan is the founder of Better Energy Everyday Wellness, a concierge practice serving patients on-site with chiropractic care, nutritional consults and lifestyle modifications to provide strategies for optimized health to improve the health and wellness in all areas of practice member's lives. 

Dr. Susan received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida campus, where she focused  on specific low force chiropractic techniques, clinical nutrition, and healthcare reform.  During her time at Palmer, Susan served as president of several organizations; Student Council, Women in Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition and Student American Chiropractic Association.  She also served as a member of the student International Chiropractic Association and the Organic Gardening club.

Dr. Susan completed her Master of Science in Environmental Management and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College where she focused on reduction of consumer consumption, energy efficiency ratings and creating educational campaigns.  During her master's thesis project, she interned with the City of Hollywood, Florida,  to help the city achieve a Silver Seal through the Florida Green Building Coalitions Green Local Government Seal program. The City honored Dr. Susan with the City of Hollywood's Volunteer Award.

Dr. Susan is a passionate advocate for the chiropractic profession, environment, and human rights in her community.  She frequents Florida’s and the U.S. capital’s policy makers looking for betterment.  Dr. Susan is a professional volunteer who loves to give back to the community by donating her time to several organizations including: Deliver the Dream, The Tony Robbins Foundation, and Patriot Project.

Dr. Susan is a part of Toastmasters International and is a member of Daybreak Toastmasters and Panoramic Views.  She is currently serving as Area 15 Director for Division A in District 47, Bahamas and South Florida.  

Cooking and experimenting with cultural varieties in spices and flavors are another passion for Dr. Susan.  Although she is a plant-based chef trained by Robouxe and Integrative Nutrition, she credits her love for cooking to her grandmother's traditional recipes.

Currently, she is collaborating to manifest her vision of creating a sustainable wellness boutique center within Peace on Earth Ecovillage.  Her mission is to provide a sanctuary with access to world-class healers for residents and guests to be educated and guided to peace, joy, love and better energy everyday.

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