Meet our Doctor

Dr. Susan is Doctor of Chiropractic, holistic wellness entrepreneur, serving her community and practice members in Florida, Colorado, and Virginia. She is the founder of Better Energy Everyday Wellness, a concierge practice serving patients on-site through chiropractic care, nutritional consults, and lifestyle modifications to provide strategies for optimized health and wellness in all areas of practice members' lives.

Dr. Susan is a passionate advocate for the chiropractic profession, the environment, and human rights in her community. She frequents Florida’s and the U.S. capital’s policymakers looking for betterment. 

Cooking and experimenting with cultural varieties in spices and flavors are other passions for Dr. Susan, and she is a certified plant-based chef, plus credits her love for cooking to her grandmother's teachings.

Currently, she is collaborating to manifest her vision of creating a sustainable wellness boutique center within Peace on Earth Ecovillage. Her mission is to provide a sanctuary with access to world-class healers for residents and guests to be educated and guided to peace, joy, love, and better energy every day.